Preventative Maintenance

Be Proactive

Our Preventative Maintenance program serves as a pivotal way to save our clients money and preserve costly equipment assets, while allowing their employees to focus on revenue generating activities. FrontStreet leverages its Preferred Vendor network to assess and inventory your facilities and your assets before they become a problem. Using our internal software to schedule regular visits, track assets, report and customize data, our clients can accurately analyze their spending and make predictive decisions about repairs, replacements, maintenance, and more.

FrontStreet routinely bundles work orders for its Preventative Maintenance services with Repair & Maintenance work orders that are not necessarily bound by time. Bundling allows us to assign multiple work orders simultaneously to a Preferred Vendor, thereby reducing the number of trips that are taken on a client’s behalf. This concept enables our Preferred Vendors to work smarter and more efficiently, ultimately driving down costs by negotiating work discounts and reducing trip expenses. More robust engagement with our Preferred Vendors helps build a lasting and positive relationship with store management within your individual locations.



Head off small problems that can create time-consuming and stressful situations for your frontline management team. We stay ahead of issues by sending a handyman to your locations on a regularly scheduled basis to identify and address any immediate facility related concerns. In doing so, we create a better and safer environment for your employees and customers while saving you from potentially costly repairs that may arise if not addressed. Examples can include repairs to:

  • Loose floor tiles
  • Dripping faucets
  • Broken cabinets

Not only is proper lighting imperative for your customer experience, it also promotes energy efficiency. Allow our technicians to help you become a brighter, greener facility by:

  • Changing ballasts
  • Addressing lighting in your dressing rooms
  • Suggesting lighting options to reduce costs and eliminate the heat from various bulb types
  • Ensuring your brand and signage lighting is sharp, both externally and internally
  • Confirming your parking lots and distribution areas are well lit for employees and customers

Keep your Fire and Life Safety equipment in working order while avoiding the costly fines that can be assessed for nonworking lights, signs and expired fire extinguishers. Following fire and safety codes promotes the safety of your guests, while protecting you against property and injury liability. Our services include:

  • Checking expiration dates on fire extinguishers to ensure they are within specification
  • Checking smoke detector functionality, wiring, and battery backup to ensure they signal when appropriate, while reducing false alarms
  • Checking sprinkler functionality
  • Testing emergency and exit lights and signage to help ensure proper evacuation in case of an emergency
  • Ensuring stairwells and exit routes are clearly marked

Our qualified technicians perform testing, repairs and installation, along with corresponding certification. They also manage your testing schedule to ensure your properties stay in good standing with your municipalities.

  • Fire prevention backflows
  • Irrigation backflows

Keeping the air temperature comfortable for your customers and employees is crucial to your business, yet a costly capital expense if your HVAC system is not well maintained. Keep these vital assets in top working order with a program that includes the following:

  • Logging make/model/serial numbers to compile a list for quick reference in the future
  • Checking condition of belts, cleaning coils, replacing filters, checking temperature, etc.
  • Winter and Summer Start-Up Programs to optimize heating and cooling efficiencies

For those retailers where alterations and tailoring are at the core of their business, it is imperative that their sewing machines stay in tip-top shape. FrontStreet has created a niche network of technicians who preventatively service the full gamut of sewing machines and partnered with some of the Nation’s finest retailers, as a result. Services include:

  • Checking and changing the oil
  • Checking and adjusting bobbin winders, feed dogs, needle plates & timing
  • Cleaning dust and debris
  • Greasing gears
  • Changing lightbulbs

Be ready when the unexpected hits. Services include:

  • Board-Ups
  • Sandbag Barriers
Restoration in Order of Events
  • Damage Assessment
  • Water Extraction and Damage Restoration
  • Damaged Materials
    Demolition & Removal
  • Sanitation & Remediation
  • Lost Inventory Services
  • Engineering Review (Structure, Roofing, Surveys, Electrical & Plumbing)
  • Build-Back Services
  • Fixtures & Finish Work
  • Full Project Management Support (Permits, Local Interface)
  • Logistical Support Materials
    & Equipment Acquisition
  • Dedicated Project & Construction Team