FrontStreet Community Social Responsibility Efforts Aide Restaurant and Community

Natural disasters know no limits, and the magnitude of their displacement can be felt best on the front lines of distress. In these moments of absolute uncertainty rises the greatest opportunity to give back and make an impact, and FrontStreet works diligently to apply its industry knowledge and know-how in seeking unique opportunities to help those in need.

The Cause
The areas of Belle Harbor and Rockaway Beach were devastated by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, with homes and businesses not only flooded and demolished by winds, but also ransacked and looted by others seeking food, shelter and funds. Watching the heartbreaking stories unfold on the news, FrontStreet was eager help at least one business back to operation and, in turn, restoring some sense of normalcy in the community.

The Initiative
Owned by New York City fire fighters Scott Edwards and Tim Keenan, Surfside Bagels of Rockaway Beach was damaged by excessive seawater flooding and had been awaiting FEMA assistance and insurance money to help cover the cost of repairs. FrontStreet evaluated the work necessary and committed to a detailed scope of work, focused on the structure tear out and rebuild.

Less than two months after its initial meeting with FrontStreet, Surfside Bagels reopened on Feb. 11, 2013, in the good company of the community, FrontStreet employees and the media.  Post-event, FrontStreet continues to assist Surfside through mentorship, marketing advisement, networking and new business development.

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Return to Community

“In addition to getting our employees back to work after suffering tremendous damage to their homes during the storm, FrontStreet provided a nice place for people on their way to work to grab a hot cup of coffee and a bagel, to maybe sit down and read the paper. Little things, you may think, but in an area ravaged like Rockaway was during the storm, these little things had major impacts.”

Tim Keenan, Surfside Bagels