FrontStreet Volunteers Serve Up Success

In a pressure-filled economic environment, many adults are struggling, creating additional troubles for those who should be carefree – children. FrontStreet realizes that sometimes the most valuable contributions elevate others who give back, intensifying and multiplying the potential for positive, long-term impact.

The Cause
Midway Safe Harbor 21st Century Community Learning Center (Midway) is a “home” for more than 150 children living just east of Sanford, Florida. Midway provides after-school, foster/grandparent and nutrition programming with all meals served from a very small, multi-use kitchen. With the goal of renovating and recycling, volunteers prepared to completely rebuild the Midway kitchen with appliances from closed restaurants.

The Initiative
The Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) Gives program identified the Midway need in collaboration with Darden, the owner of nationwide full-service dining establishments. FrontStreet employees joined in the efforts and voluntarily demolished the existing kitchen, ran all new electrical wiring, tied in all mechanicals and installed an energy control system.

In addition to utilizing this new kitchen to serve nutritional meals to local children, the expanded facility has created additional opportunities for resident development. Midway will be able to increase its educational enrichment, recreational offerings and curriculum to include food safety certifications and work experience for students considering careers in food preparation and hospitality.

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“We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside other industry professionals in delivering this amazing community resource – a facility that will continue to give back for years to come.”

Marc Lash, Director of Business Development for FrontStreet